• Sun, 21 Sep 2014 08:04:11 +0000
    distribution-sales companies, has acquired all French rights to Alberto Rodriguez’s noirish period cop thriller “Marshland,“ an early competition favorite at San Sebastian. Warner Bros. will release “Marshland” in Spain on Sept. 26. Struck by Le Pacte and “Marshland’s” sales company, Vicente Canales’ Film Factory Entertainment, deal is the first major territory sale announced on “Marshland,”... Read more »
  • Sun, 21 Sep 2014 06:09:54 +0000
    SAN SEBASTIAN – Basque Government is advancing on plans to open up its advantageous tax regime to international productions, its culture authorities confirmed Saturday at the San Sebastian Festival. Coming as, for the first time ever, a Basque-language movie, “Loreak” (Flowers) plays in the main competition at the San Sebastian Festival, the highest-profile event in... Read more »
  • Sun, 21 Sep 2014 05:54:28 +0000
    SAN SEBASTIAN – “Octavio is Dead,” “American Music” and “X Quiniento” are among projects being brought to the San Sebastian Festival by an 11-strong delegation of Canadian producers. Led by Telefilm Canada and the Festival, the initiative coincides with a particularly strong year for Canada at San Sebastian, seen in a competition berth for Maxime... Read more »
  • Sat, 20 Sep 2014 21:36:28 +0000
    “Once Upon a Time” is kicking off season four with a dose of “Frozen,” transporting the beloved characters of the blockbuster Disney movie to the town of Storybrooke. Ahead of the Sept. 28 premiere, Variety talked to showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis to preview Anna (Elizabeth Lail) and Elsa’s (Georgina Haig) “Once” debut and... Read more »
  • Sat, 20 Sep 2014 20:46:16 +0000
    Actress and singer Polly Bergen, who’s best known for her role in the original “Cape Fear” opposite Gregory Peck, died at her home in Connecticut on Saturday. She was 84. Bergen had battled emphysema in the late 1990s. “It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of legendary actress and long-time friend and... Read more »
  • Sat, 20 Sep 2014 19:57:51 +0000
    Kim Kardashian and Vanessa Hudgens may be the latest celebrities whose nude photos have leaked online. Racy photos resembling the stars were posted on Saturday morning. They were immediately removed by Reddit and the image-sharing site 4chan as part of its new copyright infringement policy. Mary-Kate Olsen, Avril Lavigne, Hayden Panettiere, Lake Bell, Leelee Sobieski... Read more »
  • Sat, 20 Sep 2014 19:33:44 +0000
    It looks like Dallas took his last dance in “Magic Mike.” It’s official: Matthew McConaughey won’t be returning for the upcoming sequel, “Magic Mike XXL.” Director Greg Jacobs, who’s taking over the franchise for Steven Soderbergh, told IndieWire that the Oscar winner won’t hit the road with returnees Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello and... Read more »
  • Sat, 20 Sep 2014 18:47:54 +0000
    Sony has given audiences an early look at Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Popeye.” CGI-animated test footage, which won’t appear in the film, shows a pipe-less, tattoo-less Popeye fighting Bluto to save his beloved Olive Oyl. The clip follows a behind-the-scenes video of Tartakovsky at work adapting “Popeye” for the bigscreen and discussing why he was “destined” to... Read more »
  • Sat, 20 Sep 2014 18:29:20 +0000
    Oculus VR today announced a new version of its developer goggles, dubbed “Crescent Bay” This new, lighter-weight VR headset is lighter than its Oculus predecessors and feature built-in headphones. According to Oculus, Crescent Bay also boasts “360° head tracking” and “expanded positional tracking volume.” See Also: Virtual Reality Poised for Mass Entertainment, but Can Hollywood Make It... Read more »
  • Sat, 20 Sep 2014 17:55:48 +0000
    “Star Trek 3” is evidently getting ready for takeoff. According to star Zachary Quinto, filming will begin on the third installment of the rebooted franchise within the next six months. “I think it’s on the horizon,” Quintowho, who plays Spock in the series, said on “The Today Show.” “Things are rumbling, so I have a... Read more »
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